Agar jelly is a familiar dessert to many people due to its sweetness. In recent years, the dessert hasfound hundreds of forms, from jelly flan, Mid-Autumn Festival jelly cake to 3D jelly. Of which, the most outstanding form is gracilaria agar jelly.
Originating in Japan, the dessert was only introduced in Vietnam three years ago. Its eye-catching features strike many people when they first see these 3D jelly desserts.
One day when Luong Hanh was browsing Facebook, she unintentionally found artistic 3D jelly images, inspiring her to travel all the way from Cao Bang to Hanoi to join a 3D jelly making class.
“One time when I was surfing the Internet, I saw 3D jelly images of Phuong Nga, I was curious about how to make such a wonderful art work,” said Luong Hanh from Cao Bang Province.
“After researching, I decided to register to Ms Phuong Nga’s 3D jelly making class, I hope I can make my own 3D products after this class,” Hanh said.
3D jelly cakes are made from simple materials like agar jelly, fresh milk, water, sugar, fruit and some vegetables.
With skillful hands, vivid colourssuch as red, violet, green and yellow made from amaranth, dragon fruit, green tea powder and pumpkin will appear lively.
In every agar jelly cake, artisans slowly thrust needles to create colorful petals. The work requires creativity and skillful hands.
“It’s not very difficult to make 3D agar jelly cake, but you should dot the ‘I’s’ and cross the ‘t’s’ to make beautiful cakes along with passion as the process of making a 3D jelly cake includes several steps,” said Phuong Nga – 3D agar jelly cake instructor.
Savouring a 3D agar jelly cake will be like enjoying an art work as it satisfies both vision and taste.
“My children love eating jelly, so I decided to learn to make 3D agar jelly cake and I hope I can make jelly cakes for my children and family members,” said Hoang Hung Trang from Hanoi.
From a simple dessert, 3D agar jelly has transformed and improved in term of flavour, colour and taste. To many 3D jelly cake lovers, each cake represents their creativity, skillfulness as well as their love for their life and family.-VNA