The National Traffic Safety Committee will put into use an operation tracking software to control the speed of 48,000 trucks and buses nationwide in an attempt to reduce traffic accidents, according to the Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper.

The newspaper on June 11 quoted the committee’s deputy chairman, Nguyen Hoang Hiep, as saying that the software will be put on trial run beginning June 20 and if it runs well, it will be installed on about 48,000 trucks and buses across the country to control speed.

When these vehicles are being driven, their movements, including speed, will be recorded by the software, which will then transmit the data to the committee’s database centre, which will in turn handle the recorded information to identify which vehicles have violated speed limits, Hiep said, adding that information about such violations will be transferred to the transport businesses whose drivers speed so that they can handle their employees.

He added that the information will also be sent to the media to make it known to the public.

The business license of any transporter who has more than 20 percent of their vehicles caught speeding will be revoked, Hiep warned.

In mid-June, the Transport Ministry will issue a circular to guide the implementation of the regulation.-VNA