After a few days of operation, the Cat Linh-Ha Dong urban railway is gradually becoming a favorite means of transport for many people.

Compared with other means of public passenger transport, the Cat Linh-Ha Dong electric trains have many outstanding advantages.

Reporters of VietnamPlus have conducted a little survey with many train passengers and found out 5 reasons why people choose to use urban trains instead of personal vehicles.

The first reason is optimal in terms of time compared to other means of transport. Urban trains operate on an elevated railway, so their movement is completely smooth. Each train needs only 23 minutes to complete the whole 13 km route.

On the same route, if traveling by motorbikes during rush hour, it usually takes up to 1 hour. Traveling by bus can take more than 1.5 hours, depending on traffic conditions.

If the waiting time for the train is included, passengers can still save half the time compared to other means of transport.

The second reason is urban train is a modern and safe vehicle. Trains operate on time following a strict schedule and process. Inside train stations, there are always staff to guide and ensure the safety of passengers.

Now, the way to the workplace of many people has shortened. The tired feeling of waiting in traffic jams is no more. People’s health will not be affected because of the blazing sound of car horns and dust. They also avoid many risks while participating in traffic or unfavorable weather conditions.

The third reason is cost savings. Fares are calculated according to the distance traveled by passengers. A one-way ticket is only from 8,000 VND, with the shortest distance. A one-way ticket for the whole route is 15,000 VND. A one-day ticket costs 30,000 VND, with an unlimited number of trips on the route. Monthly tickets are only from 100,000 to 200,000 VND depending on the type of buyers. This is considered a suitable price range for people, equal to the price of bus travel and much more economical than personal vehicles.

The fourth reason is being able to see the city from a different angle. Besides the cost-saving benefits, traveling by train also helps passengers have more time for other activities such as reading, entertainment, and arranging their own work before going to the workplace.

In addition, this urban railway also passes through many famous beautiful places in Hanoi. Watching the beautiful scenery, observing daily activities of residential areas from above while traveling by train also brings interesting and new experiences for many passengers.

The last reason is this urban railway contributes to environmental protection and health improvement. Walking or cycling to and from train stations is also a way for people to exercise and improve their health and reduce emissions.

All the trains of this railway are powered by electricity, so they don’t emit toxic gases, which cause negative effects on the environment.

This urban railway also significantly reduces noise, contributing to the protection of living space for people.

Traveling by urban train will reduce the need for using personal vehicles, indirectly reducing the need for parking lots, thereby increasing the area of urban land used for community purposes such as green parks, public amusement parks in the city.

With the above 5 reasons, the urban railway is gradually becoming the ideal public mean of transport for the people of Hanoi. According to a master plan for 2030, Hanoi will have 8 urban railway lines, with a total length of about 318km, connecting to satellite cities and suburban areas.

The development of many new routes, covering the city in the future, will meet the travel needs of the people, contributing to the development of the whole city./.