60 bomblets found in Quang Tri province hinh anh 1The bomblets found in their original tubes at a resident’s garden in Quang Tri’s Huong Hoa district (Photo: Peace Tree Vietnam)
Quang Tri (VNA)  - Two farmers in the central province of Quang Tri found 60 bomblets on November 1 while digging soil to grow bananas in their garden.

Ho Van Tam and Ho Van Nhoc, residents of Xy commune in the province’s mountainous Huong Hoa district, discovered a round-shaped explosive device while cultivating their land.

The farmers informed local authorities about the device and specialists of Peace Tree Vietnam later unearthed 60 bomblets at the site.

Commune authorities evacuated residents living nearby for safety reasons before the Peace Tree staff started their job of removing the bomblets.

The staff exploded five bomblets, which were separate from the aluminum cover tubes, at the site and brought others in the original tubes to defuse at a safe place far from the residential area. The bomblets were found underground at a depth of 2m.

According to a Peace Tree employee, the bomblets were Blu24 bomblets used by the US Army during the war in Vietnam.

Quang Tri was on the border between North and South Vietnam during war time. It thus received tonnes of bombs released by the US Air Force, making the province the top locality with unexploded explosive devices found on and underground in the country.

The province also has highest percentage of disabled people caused by post-war explosive devices in the country.-VNA