The seventh Vietnam Business Forum in Europe was held in Kharkov, Ukraine, on September 14, drawing more than 200 Vietnamese entrepreneurs in European countries.

Focusing on the establishment of a system of retailers, restaurants and services among Vietnamese businesses, this year’s forum aims to serve as a bridge for Vietnamese businesses to meet and exchange experience in Europe and the world as a whole in the context of the global economic-financial difficulties and Eurozone crisis.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Ho Dac Minh Nguyet affirmed that the forum has promoted its important role and contributed remarkably to the operation of Vietnamese businesses in Europe.

From four countries at the first forum in the Czech Republic in 2007, this year’s event attracted Vietnamese businesses from 12 countries, Nguyet added.

Hoang Manh Hue, Chairman of the Union of Vietnamese Business Associations and the Vietnamese Business Association in Poland, said that following the last forum, this year’s reaffirmed that building a system of retailers, restaurants and services is an effective way for Vietnamese entrepreneurs in Europe.

During the forum, attendees voiced their opinions as well as shared experience in affirming the position and building the trademark of Vietnamese businesses in the European market.

They also stressed their interest in investing in the home economy.

The next forum will be held in Italy, hopefully with a larger participation.-VNA