87 Ma May Mansion is one of the fourteen old mansions in Hanoi built in the late nineteenth century. The restoration of this house began in late 1998, completed on October 27, 1999 in the framework of cooperation between two cities Hanoi and Toulouse (France).

From architectural structures, wooden construction materials to houseware antiques such as rattan items, traditional style wooden furniture, nineteenth century style painted jars, are all kept intact, adding even more cultural and historical value to the location.

The arrangement today recreates a part of the atmosphere and conditions of the old house, making the visitors feel like they have gone back in time to experience the daily life of the great old Thang Long citadel.

The 87 Ma May Mansion will continue to be under the protection and maintenance of Hanoi city officials and citizens alike, standing proud as an one-of-a-kind historical site, telling visitors the stories of the past./.