From a height of 72 metres, the statue of Buddha Amitabha at the Khai Nguyen Pagoda in Hanoi’s Son Tay District will become the largest Buddha statue in Southeast Asia, upon the completion of the construction.

The construction of the Buddha statue started in 2015 at the Khai Nguyen Pagoda in Khoang Sau Village (Son Dong Commune, Son Tay District, Hanoi), some 40km west of the city’s centre. The Pagoda dates from the Ly Dynasty, the first half of the 11th Century.

Despite a large-scale restoration in 2008, the Pagoda retains its unique old architectural styles with many historical values. In early 2015, the Khai Nguyen Pagoda began the construction of Buddha Amitabha, praying for world peace and national prosperity.

After three years of non-stop construction, the giantBuddha statue is gradually taking shape./.