Vĩnh Hy Bay is considered one of the four legendary bays in Vietnam. This is a hard-to-skip destination when a traveler comes to Ninh Thuận. Vĩnh Hy Bay is a part of Vĩnh Hải commune, Ninh Hải district, about 40 km from the center of Phan Rang City.

Vĩnh Hy Bay is famous for its natural scenery with beautiful surrounding mountains and white sand beaches.

Whenever coming to Vĩnh Hy Bay, tourists should rent a boat, which costs them about 120,000 VND a person, to explore the bay

Sitting on the boat, one can feel the cool air of the area, see the blue color of the sky and sea. They also can see mountains surrounding the bay like huge arms that run to the sea. The scenery and the air will make them feel excited.

The first destination on the trip is Rùa island – a stunning natural beach with super white sands dotted with colorful seashells.

Not far from Rùa island is where tourists can explore natural coral reefs. They can swim or go snorkeling and see for themselves the beauty of nature. And remember that local boat captains are also experienced trainers in diving. They can help tourists to see corals and interesting creatures living below the water surface.

The final destination of the trip is a fleet of floating rafts in the bay. Tourists can rest here after spending lots of time doing activities on the sea. They can try many kinds of seafood, which are delicious and super fresh.

Great food combined with beautiful scenery will make an unforgettable trip.

This is certainly not an overstatement but if a traveler doesn't visit Vĩnh Hy Bay when coming to Ninh Thuận, he or she did miss a great spot on the trip. Vĩnh Hy Bay is well deserved with the title “dreamy eyes of Ninh Thuận” for its peaceful beauty and the friendliness of local people./.