In the afternoon of July 4th, the organizing committee of the Tien Phong Newspaper’s National Marathon and Long Distance Championship (Tien Phong Marathon) 2020 coordinated with the People’s Committee of Quang Ngai province to hold the flag-raising ceremony - a very solemn and sacred ceremony - on the top of Thoi Loi mountain, Ly Son Island.

The flag-raising ceremony is a traditional ceremony of the Ly Son people to pay tribute to the ancestors and heroes who crossed the sea to set up landmarks, establish and protect the sovereignty over the sea and islands of the country.

On this occasion, 34 soldiers from naval force, border defense force and coast guard together carried the national flag to the main flagpole on top of Thoi Loi mountain - the highest peak on Ly Son island district.

This flagpole was built in 2013, is the construction co-operated by the Central Youth Union, the Central Committee of the Vietnam Student Association and Quang Ngai Provincial Youth Union, to contribute assertion to the sovereignty of the islands of Vietnam.

After the ceremony, the 250-square-meter flag was spread on the mountainside, which covered the area for the flag-raising ceremony.

Attending the ceremony, many athletes could not hide their emotions in the first time visiting Ly Son Island.

This flag-raising ceremony is one of the important and meaningful contents within the Tien Phong Newspaper’s 61st National Marathon and Long Distance Championship that will open on the morning of July 5th at this beautiful island./.