Hoang Su Phi district has a total area of about 3,700 hectares of terraced rice fields. Not only a masterpiece of nature, the fields are also an example of the labour and creativity of local ethnic groups.

From available natural conditions and long-established production practices, they have overcome natural difficulties to create terraced rice fields that cascade down craggy mountain slopes.

Fish farming in the terraced rice fields has now become a tradition among farmers in Hoang Su Phi. This mostly “hidden” vocation is done on a large scale, increasing incomes and alleviating poverty in the area.

Hoang Su Phi authorities have promoted carp farming, generating stable incomes for each household.

Hoang Su Phi is one of the two western border districts in Ha Giang province and home to 13 ethnic groups, such as the Dao, Tay, Nung, Co Lao, and La Chi. With distinct geographical features, Hoang Su Phi has preserved many of the unique cultural values of the ethnic people, especially their agricultural rituals.

For the New Rice festival of the Nung people in Chien Pho commune, offerings vary from food to fruit, along with sticky rice. All of these are placed on the altar for the Gods, as thanks for helping with a favourable year.

The ethnic people in Hoang Su Phi district have preserved many unique and diverse traditional cultural values, especially agricultural rituals. This makes an important contribution to preserving their cultural identity, and at the same time connects communities of different groups./.