On January 20, a video clip with special attendance of ambassadors of New Zealand, Canada, Norway and Switzerland (G4 ambassadors) has appeared online and immediately drew attention from the public, thanks to the message on gender equality inside the clip.

The diplomats made the clip with Vietnam women national's football team, coach Mai Duc Chung, the coaching staff and Vietnam Football Federation They congratulated the golden girls of Vietnam’s football for a very successful 2019.

Ambassador of Norway to Vietnam Ms.Grete Lochen said that in many countries, including her own, women’s football often struggles to make it into the spotlight, and there is an ongoing challenge changing traditional views of women’s participation in football.

That’s why the G4 countries want to show their support to women’s football. With the visit to the female football players, the ambassadors stressed the role of gender equality.

Mr. David Best, Chargé d’Affaires of Switzerland to Vietnam, advocated that no activity should be a privilege of a single gender, man or woman, young and old, rich or poor. Everybody deserves an opportunity to realize his or her dreams./.