Vietnamese veteran director, Le Dan's film Nhung Buc Thu Tu Son My (Letters from Son My) will premiere at this year's Cannes Film Festival to open on May 12.

"The film had been made in hurry to be on time for Cannes Film Festival," Dan said.

After its screening in Cannes on May 18, Nhung Buc Thu Tu Son My will be screened in HCM City at the end of June.

The 87-minute feature follows American war veteran William Calley during a trip back to Vietnam . Calley had participated in 1968's infamous My Lai massacre during the American War in Quang Ngai province's Son My Village.

The film opens with footage of the 2007 meeting between President Nguyen Minh Triet and George W. Bush, which reminds Calley of his memories of Vietnam and arouses feelings of guilt and remorse within him.

Calley then decides to return to HCM City for Christmas and travels to Quang Ngai. On the trip, the guilt-ridden Calley, who has been given the name Peter Cage in the script, discovers his soul and learns about the meaning of forgiveness.

During his time in Vietnam , the veteran writes letters to his wife telling her about his feelings and impressions during his time in Son My.

"The film was based much on a true story during periods of war and peace, which aims to send a message of peace and love," Dan said.

He added that Nhung Buc Thu Tu Son My was one of the best and most important films he had made during his career.

Born in 1928 in HCM City , Le Dan studied in France in 1946 and graduated from law school. In 1950, he studied film at two famous film schools in Paris at the same time.

He worked as assistant director in French director Marcel Camus's film Mort en Fraude (Fraudulent Death and Fugitive) in Sai Gon and with the American director Joseph L. Mankiewicz on The Quiet American in 1956.

He made his first movie Hoi Chuong Thien Mu (Bell Tone of Thien Mu Pagoda) in 1957. His works like Con Meo Nhung (Black Cat),

Pho Tuong (The Statue) and Xuong Rong Den (Black Cactus) won many awards and certificates at national film festivals and from Vietnam Cinema Association.

He also made TV series including Ong Co Van (The Adviser) and Ngoai Tinh (Adultery). He is also the CEO of the UNESCO Cinema and Multimedia Centre in Vietnam .

During his trip to Cannes , Dan will present his latest film project about General Vo Nguyen Giap, which is planned to begin production next year.

"I think making a film about General Vo Nguyen Giap will be anticipated by both the Vietnamese and people around the world," Dan said./.