Five-year-old girl Kwon Ji-yeon, the youngest passenger saved from a ferry disaster off the Republic of Korea’s coast on April 16, has been confirmed as a child of the Vietnam-RoK multicultural family.

According to the Vietnamese Embassy and the police from Busan city, Kwon Ji-yeon’s mother is Phan Ngoc Thanh, born in 1985 in the southernmost province of Ca Mau . Thanh got married and naturalised in the RoK last July under the name “Han Yun Ji”, with two children: the 6-year-old boy Kwon Hyuk-kyu and Kwon Ji-yeon.

Kim Ji-yeong, a consultant at the centre for supporting multi-national families in Chindo district of Chonlanam-do province, said Thanh’s family decided to move to the island of Jeju for a living.

All members were on board the unfortunate vessel that sunk on April 16, she said, adding that young Kwon Ji Yeon is being taken care of by her aunt. However, her parents and brother are still unaccounted for.

The Vietnamese Embassy said Thanh’s family is scheduled to arrive in Chindo district on April 20 morning. It has also sent officials to the accident site since April 18 to learn more about the case and support Thanh’s family.

It is working with the Foreign Ministry, the Department of Family and Gender Equality, and the Marine Police Agency of the host country to handle the case.

It has been the fourth day since the 5-storey ferry carrying 476 crew and passengers, mainly high school students, capsized on April 16. As many as 56 deaths have been confirmed and 246 others are still missing. The RoK relevant agencies have dispatched 192 boats, 31 helicopters and 600 divers to join in the search and rescue operation.-VNA