The Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Association in France (ABVietFrance) has actively bridged Vietnamese entrepreneurs in France and the homeland.

On its 1 st founding anniversary, ABVietFrance President Nguyen Hai Nam affirmed that the association handled 30 projects in various fields, with noteworthy ones engaging in the development of retail sale and distribution networks in Vietnam .
The association members have shown interests in importing EU-standard preservation technologies for fish farmers and fruit growers at home so as to enable them to export their products to the European markets.

According to the association president, ABVietFrance’s aim is to connect all resources and talents of the Vietnamese community in France and individuals who have close relationship with Vietnam to develop trade exchange between Vietnam and France and between Vietnam and other European countries.

At present, ABVietFrance has representative offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City , helping tighten Vietnam ’s trade ties with Europe. /.