Bangkok (NNT/VNA) - Eleven organisations have discussed research that supports medical marijuana usage, finding ways for Thai medical marijuana pioneer Decha Siripat to be able to prescribe marijuana products for medical use, as an indigenous medical practitioner.

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University, has held talks with 11 organisations including public and private universities, the Department for Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, the Food and Drugs Administration, the Narcotics Control Board, and the President of Khao Kwan Foundation Decha Siripat, all groups that have long been studying medical marijuana.

The meeting was held to discuss related research and find ways for indigenous medical practitioners to be able to prescribe medical marijuana products, which requires cooperation with government agencies involved in a research project in which patients must be a part, as there is currently no official certification of the results and effectiveness of THC oil extracted from marijuana, used in the treatment of patients.

Deputy Director General of the Department for Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine Pramote Stienrut said any usage of marijuana products in medicine must uphold the rights of patients, and the benefit for Thai people and those elsewhere in the world. Meanwhile the registration of Mr Decha Siripat as an indigenous medical practitioner with Suphanburi Provincial Public Health Office will take 1-2 weeks to process, after which he can start the marijuana extract oil research.

Officials will also be holding training with the Khao Kwan Foundation to enable foundation staff to keep track of the condition of patients. These processes could be completed in 2-3 weeks at the earliest, as the department is aware there are many patients waiting to try marijuana extract oil in their treatment of illnesses. – NNT/VNA