A month-long campaign for the prevention of mother-to-baby transmission of HIV (MTCT) will be launched in June aiming to eradicate MTCT in Vietnam, said Deputy Director of the Ministry of Health’s Administration of HIV/AIDS Control Hoang Dinh Canh.

In a statement made on May 13, he said activities during the month will be focused on preventive interventions such as counselling, offering HIV testing for expectant mothers from the outset of their pregnancy, and providing check-ups at HIV hotbeds and in disadvantaged areas.

Coordination between HIV testing and treatment facilities will be increased and the application of antiretroviral (ARV) therapy to infected pregnant women will be enhanced.

Various communication activities will also be conducted to raise public awareness of benefits of early access to related services, Canh added.

The MTCT prevention programme has been implemented nationwide since late 2004 with the aim of reducing the MTCT rate to less than 5 percent, the administration said.

Last year, 57.1 percent of HIV-infected pregnant women received ARV therapy, and 64.7 percent of expectant mothers received HIV tests, it noted.-VNA