The Vietnamese Government has issued an action plan for building and developing Vietnamese culture to complement the country’s sustainable development requirements.

Resolution No. 33-NQ/TW made on June 9, 2014 during the ninth meeting of the Party Central Committee (11th tenure), will contribute to developing the comprehensive Vietnamese culture, bearing the typical characters of nationality, humanity, democracy and science.

It also aims to build a people-oriented culture and lay a steadfast spirit foundation, thus creating a driving force and an important internal source of strength for the sustainable development and protection of the country.

It is hoped that by 2020, the cultural and human norms will have been gradually integrated into society. Respect for the law, morality, strong conscience, and responsibility will have been fostered across individuals, families, communities, and society, preventing degrading social morality.

Other objectives set for the period include developing a highly competitive market featuring Vietnamese culture, thus establishing a strong reputation of local culture across the world, in line with the country’s development agenda. The market would also assist Vietnam in its international integration, completing the legal framework and reforming the institution.

By 2030, the objectives will be completed, popularised and further promoted, contributing to the development of the personalities, intelligence, creativity, skills, and physical and spiritual strength of the Vietnamese people, as well as enhancing the strength of the Vietnamese culture to its fullest extent as it works towards regional and international integration.

In order to achieve the targets, concrete measures will be enacted and enforced, including human capacity development, cultural sector promotion, and various resource involvements in the work, among others.

Beyond these measures, specific strategies will also be designed and implemented to develop the cultural sector, such as establishing a brand for Vietnamese cultural products and services in the international market.-VNA