A number of activities and workshops will be held to honour the great poet Nguyen Du and his world-famous masterpiece ‘The Tale of Kieu’.

Next November, Nguyen Du will become the third person after Nguyen Trai (1980) and late President Ho Chi Minh (1990) to be venerated as an Outstanding Man of Culture by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

On July 28, the Vietnam Kieu Study Association collaborated with the Vietnam National Library to organise a conference entitled “The Great Poet Nguyen Du and His Masterpiece ‘The Tale of Kieu’”.

This will be the third workshop on Nguyen Du and is one of the events to mark Nguyen Du’s 250th birthday anniversary.

About 30 reports revolving around Nguyen Du’s artistry and his masterpiece were presented at the conference.

There will be an international conference on Nguyen Du and his masterpiece later on held by the Academy of Social Science and a commemoration ceremony conducted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the People’s Committee of the central province of Ha Tinh, Nguyen Du’s home province.

The Tale of Kieu, which has 3,254 verses, has become part of Vietnamese daily life and the names of many characters in the story have become household names.

The Tale of Kieu has been translated into some 20 different languages, including French, Chinese, English, Russian, Japanese, Korean and German.-VNA