The Asia Development Bank has unveiled a new 1 million USD project to assist Myanmar in the fight against AIDS, on the occasion of the World AIDS Day (December 5).

The ADB said in a press release on December 3 that the spread of HIV/AIDS and malaria infection is increasing along with the economic and trade openness of Myanmar.

ADB Vice-President Stephen P. Groff said that the project will be financed by the Cooperation Fund for Fighting HIV/AIDS in Asia and the Pacific, which is solely contributed by the Government of Sweden.

The project will hopefully showcase the effectiveness of focused and strategic approaches to tackling the HIV/AIDS epidemic along the two economic corridors between Myanmar, Thailand and China. It will also enhance the access to and quality of health services among key affected populations including labour migrants.

HIV/AIDS remains a challenge in Asia and the Pacific region which is currently home to 5 million HIV infected people./. VNA