Thousands of people have been surveyed on administrative performance at the provincial level in an attempt to boost public involvement, transparency, corruption control and public service quality.

The survey was conducted on 5,568 people from 30 cities and provinces to build the Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) under the sponsorship of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Vietnam .

The participation of other sponsors, including the Vietnam Fatherland Front, the nation’s largest social organisation, and the Centre for Research on Community Development and Support (CRCDS), has also illustrated the programme’s goal to improve public services.

The nation’s largest economic and most populous hub of Ho Chi Minh City and the central port city of Da Nang were among administrations with the highest index, showing public satisfaction at their performance. Hanoi was at the bottom, in the third-ranking group out of the four ranks in the survey result announced in Hanoi on March 31.

PAPI will be used as input information to help in policymaking to meet people’s demands and legitimate aspirations, said the CRCDS Director, Dang Ngoc Dinh./.