Đồng Ngọ Pagoda (also known as Cập Nhất Pagoda) lies in Cập Nhất Hamlet, Tiền Tiến Commune, Thanh Hà District, Hải Dương Province. Once an important Buddhism hub of Trúc Lâm Yên Tử Zen sect, Đồng Ngọ is one of the oldest pagoda in Hải Dương Province.

According to ancient history, Zen Master Khuông Việt built this pagoda in 971 on King Đinh Tiên Hoàng’s order. After more than 1.000 years, Đông Ngọ Pagoda remains an interesting religious destination with many unique architecture, such as the Cửu phẩm liên hoa tower.

In 2017, Đồng Ngọ Pagoda’s Cửu phẩm liên hoa tower was recognized as a National Treasure. This helps attracts more and more tourists, both locals and foreigners./.