Yang Tao Elephant rocks are located in Yang Tao commune of Lak district, about 40km from Buon Ma Thuot city center along National Highway 27.

There are two big rocks in the area, which are Mother Elephant rock and Father Elephant rock, which appear majestically and carry in them interesting mysteries and secrets.

Mother Elephant Rock has a length of about 200m. The base of the rock has a circumference of nearly 500m and it is about 30m high. The rock has a shape like a giant elephant lying, with its back is against the majestic Central Highlands. This is the largest monolith in Vietnam.

From the ground, it only takes about 15 minutes to reach the highest peak of the rock by climbing over its gentle slope. From the top of Mother Elephant rock, you can see many landscapes in the area such as Yang Reh Lake and Chu Yang Sin range - the roof of the Central Highlands.

Father Elephant rock is 5km away from the Mother Elephant rock. It has a smaller size than Mother Elephant rock, only 70m in length and about 180m in circumference. At the foot of the rocky mountain is a vast green rice field, with lots of bees and butterflies, creating a beautiful natural scene.

Elephant rocks are famous in Dak Lak. Couples get there when they prepare to get married. Local people believe that when a couple falls in love and comes here, a stone god will protect their love forever../.