Located at 16 Le Thai To Street, on the western bank of Sword Lake, the statue of King Le Thai To, built in the late 19th century, is the oldest monument of Hanoi still preserved today.

This monument is located on a large campus planted with many trees. The architectural works from outside to inside include the gate, a welcome area, and a monument. The monument was built on a platform higher than 0.8 meters, with 3 steps leading up in the middle. There is a tiger statue on each side of the monument and a screen behind it.

The statue of King Le Thai To wears a royal robe, a natural hat. The king stands in a majestic posture which holding a sword overlooking the North. This is a rare type of ancient statue in Hanoi and the image of the sword has known as the national legend.

There are many rumors about the reason for placing the statue here. There is an opinion that Mr. Hoang Cao Khai ordered the statue of King Le is to counterbalance the statue of Paul Bert, an envoy from the French colonized era, that sits on the opposite bank of the lake.

But the most reasonable reason is to commemorate King Le Thai To with the legend of returning the treasure sword to the god Kim Quy, and then changed the name of Ta Vong lake to Sword Lake.

All items of the monument area have a harmonious combination with the scenery of Sword Lake, which are both solemn and poetic. This is also one of the representative works celebrating the 1.000 year anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi.

Nowadays, the statue of King Le Thai To is both a work expressing the fine cultural traditions of the nation and a destination that visitors should not miss on the journey to discover Sword Lake./.