Enterprises affected by extremists who took advantage of the recent anti-China rallies to destroy and loot their property will be assisted in their access to foreign currency loans for the import of machinery and equipment in order to restore their production.

A document to this effect was released by the State Bank of Vietnam on July 4, which says the Governor of the central bank has agreed in principle for credit organisations and branches of foreign banks to consider the loans.

Basing themselves on the request for the loans from the enterprises, those organisations and branch will report to the bank for consideration in line with an earlier document on foreign currency loans.

The disturbances in some localities erupted during workers’ rallies against China ’s illegal placement of its oil rig Haiyang Shiyou – 981 in Vietnam ’s continental shelf and exclusive economic zone from early May.

Some extremists incited others to destroy and loot the property of foreign firms, as well as some national businesses and individuals, and acted against law enforcement officials, disrupting social order and business activities.

Authorities have arrested and tried hundreds of rioters.-VNA