Deputy Prime Minister Vu Van Ninh has instructed the National Financial Supervisory Committee to submit quality analysis and predictions on the nation's financial status to the Government.

Speaking at a conference with the committee on Aug. 29, Deputy PM Ninh highly valued the committee's effective consultancy work in the field of macro-economic management.

Ninh said that the committee would only be able provide accurate data if it received up-to -date information from ministries and sectors.

He stressed that there should be a regulation to make the information supply compulsory, practical and active.

At the conference, the committee asked the Government to establish it as the country's sole financial advisory agency, rather than having different agencies for different sectors.

In response to the request, Ninh said the committee must continue to study a model which was in observance of international practices and easily applied in Vietnam .

The National Financial Supervisory Committee was established in 2008. The committee is in charge of supervising and announcing and predicting risks in banking, securities and insurance./.