Export earnings from agricultural, forestry and fisheries products in the first 11 months of the year recorded a 1.5 percent increase year-on-year, reaching 25.2 billion USD.

Nguyen Viet Chien, director of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development's Informatics and Statistics Centre, said the situation was not all positive because of a sharp drop in key exports, such as rice, coffee and rubber.

However, exports of pepper, cashew, timber and aquatic products had grown higher.

In the period, export turnover of key agricultural staples was estimated at 12 billion USD, a fall of 11.3 percent from last year. Fishery exports rose 9.1 percent and forestry products, 19.2 percent.

The volume of rice exports fell 16.1 percent to 6.29 tonnes and the value fell to 2.78 billion USD, a drop of 18.8 percent.

China remained Vietnam's largest rice importer, taking 31.1 percent of Vietnam's total rice exports. Exports rose 5.1 percent to 1.92 million tonnes, worth 800.7 million USD.

Total rubber exports in the period surged 5.4 percent to reach 955,000 tonnes. They were valued at 2.24 billion USD, down 12.2 percent.

Chien said rubber exports to China made up 43.4 percent of the total. However, during the period it bought 3.9 percent less in volume and 19.7 percent in value.

Malaysia was the second largest importer of Vietnamese rubber, accounting for 21.1 percent of all exports.

The export of tea fell 5.3 percent to 128,000 tonnes while the value was down 0.1 percent at 206 million USD.

Pakistan remained Vietnam's largest tea importer, but its imports fell 10.7 percent in volume and 6.5 percent in value. Taiwan bought 2 percent more tea than it did in the same period one year ago.

The volume of coffee exports fell 14.4 percent during the period to reach 1.18 million tonnes worth 2.51 billion USD, a 24.4 percent year-on-year decrease.

Germany and the US continued to be Vietnam's largest coffee importers, accounting for 13 percent and 10.8 percent respectively.

Coffee exports to Russia grew 4.7 pertcent; to Britain, 4.7 percent; and to Japan, 4 percent from last year.

Cashew exports were a bright point in the export scene. Volume surged 17 percent to 238,000 tonnes and the value rose 10.1 percent to 1.49 billion USD.

The US, China and Holland remained Vietnam's biggest cashew importers with growth rates of 33.2 percent, 17.2 percent and 9.9 percent respectively.
And the volume and value of cashew exports to Singapore soared 59.3 percent and 43.4 percent, respectively.

Forestry and fisheries staples surged against the same period last year. Exports of timber and timber products topped 4.87 billion USD, up 15.8 percent from last year.

Exports to the Republic of Korea were up 47.2 percent; China, 33.1 percent; Japan, 22 percent; and the US, 9.3 percent.-VNA