In recent years, visitors to Ho Chi Minh City can not only tour a number of destinations to contemplate charming architecture and learn about local culture, but also have a chance to take part in farming. Developing tourism along with agriculture is the city’s new approach, but the efforts faces difficulties.

This 20 hectare farm in Cu Chi district is a new tourist attraction, greeting many tourists daily, most of them youngsters.

Recently, Ho Chi Minh City’s High-tech Agricultural Park has run tours for visitors to come and visit new farming models. These tours are anticipated to attract some 50,000 arrivals by 2020.

Much of the city’s land focuses on agricultural production. Taking advantage of this is a new way to develop tourism. However, this has not been fully tapped.

Agriculture-based tourism has been becoming an attraction to tourists to Ho Chi Minh City. For that reason, the city should define strategic products to develop tourism and make policies to encourage local people’s engagement.-VNA