The agro-forestry-fisheries sector is forecast to bring home 30.8 billion USD from export this year, up 11.2 percent from 2013 despite lacklustre demand in markets all over the world.

The sector also posts an estimated 9.5 billion USD in trade surplus, a rise of 7.7 percent, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Seafood is predicted to rake in 7.92 billion USD, marking a yearly growth of 18.4 percent with the US making up 21.81 percent of the total export value, becoming the leading seafood importer of Vietnam.

Wood and wooden products enjoy an expansion of 11.1 percent in earnings with 6.2 billion USD. The US, China and Japan are the biggest buyers who account for 66 percent of the total sales abroad.

During the year, an estimated 1.73 million tonnes of coffee are sold for 3.62 billion USD, up 33.4 percent in volume and 33.2 percent in value, mostly going to Germany and the US.

Higher revenues are also reported by exporters of vegetables (1.47 billion USD, up 34.9 percent), pepper (1.2 billion USD, 34.1 percent), and cashew nuts (2 billion USD, up 21.1 percent).

Rice and rubber, on the contrary, earn less with 3 billion USD and 1.8 billion USD, down 1.9 percent and 28.9 percent, respectively.

To raise gross agro-forestry-fisheries export value to 31 billion USD next year, the ministry will actively work to implement multilateral and bilateral agreements in place, including the World Trade Organisation and regional free trade commitments.

It will stand side by side with exporters by updating them on foreign markets’ latest trade policies and jointly devising feasible market strategies for added-value products.

To extend commercial reaches, the ministry will also promote marketing activities and promptly deal with any technical and trade barrier.-VNA