Of the figure, around 12.8 billion USD was worth of exports, an increase of 15.3 percent while about 9.8 billion USD was from imports, a decline of 3.5 percent against last year.

In January-March period, exports of major farm produce hit nearly 5.5 billion USD, a rise of 12.8 percent, while that of major forestry products reached about 4.3 billion USD, up 4.4 percent; aquatic products nearly 2.4 billion USD, up 38.7 percent; and animal husbandry roughly 75.6 billion USD, down 22.4 percent.

In the period, Asia remained the largest market for Vietnam's agro-forestry-fisheries products with 40.3 percent of the market share, followed by America and Europe with 29.5 percent and 13.1 percent, respectively.

The US was the biggest consumer of the products with over 3.5 billion USD. China came second with nearly 2.1 billion USD, and Japan third with nearly 872 billion USD./.