The National Assembly and Government need to review and adopt legal regulations to mitigate air pollution, a major contributor to the greenhouse effect.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment released its 2013 National Environment Report in Hanoi on September 19.

Deputy Minister Bui Cach Tuyen said the annual report was developed in line with the 2005 Law on Environmental Protection, focussing on biodiversity, urban environments, waste, and environmental standards in craft villages and industrial zones.

The 2013 report aims to assess natural and man-made impacts on air quality; air contamination; pollution management; and air protection measures.

Ministries, relevant sectors and localities need to step up their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and deal with climate change, Tuyen said.

According to the University of Natural Resources and the Environment, 3-4 percent of the entire population suffers from respiratory problems, predominantly caused by polluted air.

Statistics indicate that the percentage of people with breathing difficulties is 4-5 times higher in rapidly evolving cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Hai Phong than in rural localities like Dien Bien or Bac Kan.-VNA