Deforestation and narrowed forestry land is becoming an alarming problem in the Central Highlands region with 3,641 cases of forest law violations reported in the first six months of this year, according to the Steering Committee for the Central Highlands Region.

Of the total, there were 93 cases of forestry land transgressions and cutting trees for farm land with 236 total hectares destroyed.

Deforestation and illegal forest wood exploitation cases were seen mostly in natural forests, border areas, natural reserves and national parks where forest protection efforts were poorly performed, the committee said.

Illegal wood trading along the border remained complicated due to inefficient prevention measures. Meanwhile, forest replanting and recovery work is limited, added the committee.

Given such a context, the committee has urged localities to strictly realise the Prime Minister’s directions on forest protection and deforestation control.

Regional localities should also increase State management over forests and forest land, strengthen inspections, address violations and have forestation plans, asked the committee.

It also advised localities to request enterprises and investors plant forests to replace destructed areas while restructuring and reshuffling local companies for better management and protection of forests and forestry land in the region.-VNA