Organisers of the Budweiser International Cup 6v6 did the draw on March 3, as amateur football teams across the country gear up to compete for a once-in-lifetime trip to South Africa.

From the 248 teams that registered for the contest, a record 128 teams (compared to 64 teams last year) were selected for the's draw in HCM City. The qualifying round competitions will kick off in Hanoi on March 7, Da Nang city on March 13, Nha Trang city, on March 21 and HCM City on March 27.

The finals will take place in HCM City.

The winning team will earn a trip to South Africa, where they will compete against nine other teams from 10 different countries like Brazil, Germany and China for the World 6v6 champion title.

The winners will also be taken to two World Cup matches.

Organisers will also give four all-expense-paid trips to South Africa for four buyers of Budweiser beer to watch the final match of the FIFA World Cup in Johannesburg City and two other trips to watch matches in the last 16.

The global Budweiser 6v6 football tournament started in 1998 and was introduced to Vietnam last year. The second tournament has been organised by Vietnam Football Federation, Vietnam Football Development Company and the Gannon group, the distributor of Budweiser beer in Viet Nam./.