Vietnam’s Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Truong Manh Son, suggested establishing a Viet-Czech Trade Promotion Centre in Prague to bolster economic ties between the two countries.

He made the recommendation at a recent meeting with around 20 representatives of the Vietnamese business community in the Czech Republic.

The business representatives agreed that the centre is necessary, noting that the lack of accurate information led to the failure of many Czech enterprises in Vietnam.

Trade between the two countries reached 652 million USD in the first half of 2014, in which Vietnam’s trade surplus accounts for 86 percent, according to Son.

The ambassador noted that Vietnam is listed among 12 priority markets of the Czech Republic to 2020, and is the only Asian country in the list. At the same time, the Czech government wants to reduce its trade deficit with Vietnam.

Son urged the Vietnamese enterprises in the Czech Republic to better their role as a bridge for trade between the two coutries.-VNA