Despite being short of doctors and material facilities, doctors in MuongLat General Hospital in the province of Thanh Hoa have always endeavored to provide treatment for locals but also for thousands of Lao patients.
Like many other downstream hospitals nationwide, the MuongLat General Hospital receives patients from hamlets and villages in the locality. However, a special thing here is among thousands of patients, many of them are the Lao nationality,comingfromneighbouring districts.
Pim Pet, a woman in her 40s, from Houaphan district of Laos, had a tumor in her throat and recovered from an operation at the hospital.
Muong Lat General Hospital is located in Muong Lat district, central province of Thanh Hoa. Muong Lat is the poorestin the province. The district has more than 110 km of border withViengXay and Sop Bao districts of Houaphan province, Laos.
To consolidate the solidarity between Vietnam and Laos, MuongLat district has signed agreements in many fields with the two Laoneighbouring districts, including in health, education, defenceand human resource training, among others.
Despite being short of doctors and material facilities with only eight clinical departments, 15 specialist doctors and 200 beds, the hospital has always providedconsiderate care and treatment for patients, especially Lao ones.
The distinguished friendship is described as heart strings that bring Lao patients to Vietnamese doctors.
Doctors of MuongLat General Hospital not only help bring happiness and health to thousands of local as well as Lao patients, but also beautify the friendship in border areas. This has accentuated people-to-people diplomacy, helping to nurture the two nations’ friendship.-VNA