The People’s Committee of Quang Ngai province sent an official dispatch to the Foreign Ministry on February 23, suggesting that it invites the ambassadors of European countries to Vietnam to visit the Truong Luy historical site, which is called the “Great Wall” of Vietnam.

Earlier, the provincial People’s Committee had submitted scientific documentation on the heritage site to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for recognition as a national relic site.

On getting approval, the province will work with the relevant ministries and agencies to compose a file on the rampart to be submitted to the UNESCO for recognition as a world cultural heritage.

Truong Luy was discovered by domestic and foreign archaeologists in 2005. Built between the 17 th -19 th centuries, the 130km stone wall stretches from Tra Bong district through nine other districts in Quang Ngai province to An Lao district in the neighbouring province of Binh Dinh./.