The profound sympathy for Vietnamese Agent Orange (AO)/dioxin victims has promoted John Trinh, an American of Vietnamese origin, to make a drama-documentary entitled “Agent Orange -30 years later” and sent it to US President Barack Obama.

The film-making process has helped him understand the undaunted spirit of Vietnamese AO victims and their forgiving attitude towards US soldiers who sprayed the chemicals, he said.

“I am proud of being a Vietnamese,” the film maker stated.

The film, which made debut at the end of 2008, was screened at 20 international film festivals in the US, New Zealand, France, Italy and Qatar and won many prizes, including the “Best Documentary” award at the New York International Independent Fi l m and Video Festival in July, 2009.

The documentary was sent to President Barack Obama, senators and famous figures of the US as an appeal for help to the victims.

John Trinh returned to Vietnam to attend the second international conference of victims of AO/dioxin in Hanoi on August 8-9. He took the occasion to express his hope that the US Government would admit their mistake of scattering the deadly toxic substance during the war in Vietnam and correct it by providing compensation for Vietnamese AO victims. /.