Family Health International (FHI) has worked together with the southern province of An Giang in approaches to reduce HIV transmission among men who have sex with men (MSM).

At a seminar held on May 13, FHI, a global organisation active in the fight against HIV/AIDS, introduced a men’s health club model, where MSM come to get counselling and knowledge of sex and protection against HIV transmission.

The risk of HIV spreading from the MSM group is high and could threaten the community's safety because a large number of MSM could also have sex with women.

FHI and its local partners in An Giang highlighted the need to provide MSMs with psychological counselling and encourage them to become involved in the intervention programme activities and voluntarily go to HIV and STD testing services.

The incidence of HIV among MSM has increased rapidly in Vietnam in recent years. In An Giang, MSM with HIV accounted for 2 percent of HIV/AIDS sufferers, with many of them addicted to drugs and having unprotected sex, the Health Ministry said.

According to the Ministry, 63 percent of MSM in the province have obtained necessary knowledge on HIV/AIDS./.