A solemn ceremony has been held in Ba Chuc in the Mekong Delta province of An Giang to commemorate the death of 3,175 local people in a Khmer Rouge massacre in 1978.

The service was organised annually by the provincial authorities on the 15th and 16th days of the third Lunar month, which fell on May 3 and 4 this year.

Some 3,157 local people, including children, women and elderly people, were slaughtered when the Khmer Rouge forces entered Ba Chuc commune from April 18-29, 1978.

To remember the victims of the massacre, the local authorities built a tomb to keep the remains of 1,159 victims.

The Ba Chuc tomb was recognised as the national historical relic site in 1980.

Upgrades to the 5-hectare tomb started in 2011 with a total investment of 30 billion VND (1.39 million USD) and are expected to be finished by 2018 to mark 40 years since the massacre.-VNA