Over 600 ceramic antiques are on display at a two-month exhibition which opened at the beginning of September in the southern province of An Giang .

The exhibits are of a wide range of objects from Buddha statues, censers to pots, cups, and bowls, reflecting the traditional culture of the southern region.

Four major ceramic styles are featured at the exhibition, which are the Cay Mai (apricot tree), Old Sai Gon, Lai Thieu and Bien Hoa. Among them, Cay Mai ceramics are mostly for religious purpose, while Old Sai Gon and Lai Thieu items are mainly for daily life use. Bien Hoa ceramics were intended for decorating, many of which have won prizes at international fairs held in Paris in 1925 and 1932.

The exhibition is one of activities to mark the 69th National Day (September 2) and the upcoming announcement of the special national historical relic status of the Oc Eo archaeological site in An Giang, where the first artifacts of an ancient material culture was found.-VNA