Since the recognition of The Memory of the World Regional Register for Asia-Pacific recently, the ancient book titled Hoàng Hoa Sứ Trình Đồ or (‘The Envoy Ship Journeys to China’ in English) which belongs to the Nguyen Huy family in Truong Loc commune, Can Loc district, Ha Tinh province has been carefully preserved by both the family and local authorities.



‘The Envoy Ship Journeys to China’ is a journey diary by Nguyen Huy Óanh, a mandarin under the Le Hien Tong dynasty. He wrote the book in 1765 and 1767 to detail his journey to China, as an envoy of Vietnamese delegates. The book is considered a family treasure. Nguyen Huy family members are proud of their ancestor and the book.

Ha Tinh is working toward turning Truong Loc commune into a cultural tourism site along with a plan to embellish Nguyen Huy family’s worshipping house. The locality also plans to promote ‘Phuc Giang School Woodblocks’ and ‘The Envoy Ship Journeys to China’ among local and foreign filmmakers.