A jar of ancient bronze coins has been unearthed in the Quang Trach district of central Quang Binh province.

According to Quang Binh Museum , the jar was discovered by a local resident when he was digging a well for his house.

Currently, the coins are believed to be from the Bei Song dynasty in China , dating back to the 10 th to 13 th centuries.

The jar contains 10.5 kilogrammes of the antique bronze coins, each with a diameter of 23 centimetres and a square hole in the centre.

This discovery in Quang Thuan commune, along with other similar finds in Quang Trach district in the past, proves the existence of trade ties between Vietnam and China many years ago.

Quang Binh Museum is now in the process of preserving the coins, which will be on display to the public very shortly.-VNA