An 800-year old banyan tree in the central city of Da Nang has been recognised as the city’s first heritage tree.

The Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment (VACNE) on June 8 held a ceremony to present certification to leaders of the municipal People’s Committee.

Located in the Son Tra Natural Preservation Zone in Son Tra district, the 22-metre tree is now home to a population of brown-shanked langur, an Indochinese endemic primate in the locality.

The banyan tree played an important position in the early 19 th century, as kings of the Nguyen Dynasty built an observation point on its branches. It also served as a shelter for the country’s soldiers during the two resistance wars.

The heritage recognition will aid the conservation of the tree and promote the city’s cultural heritage value.

The VACNE launched the programme to conserve Vietnam Heritage Trees in 2011. To be recognised, wild trees must be at least 200 years old, while planted ones must be aged at least 100.

Moreover, the trees should be connected with the historical and cultural characteristics of the area where they stand.

Nearly 500 Vietnam Heritage Trees have been recognised so far.-VNA