A new record was set in the history of vintage buildings, when two ancient houses and a lake were recently recognised by the Vietnam Book of Records (VietKings).

The two old houses and a terracotta mosaic lake are located in Vinahouse Space, 7km from Hoi An Town in central Quang Nam Province.

One of the ancient houses comprises three apartments and four roofs and was home to six generations of families. After two restorations in Dai Loc District, the house now has 108 wooden columns and hundreds of sculptures on rafters, girders and doors.

Japanese and Vietnamese architects who examined the 200-year-old building declared it the oldest house in Quang Nam in 2001.

The other 102-year-old house made of bamboo epitomises the lifestyle of local people and their farming and fishing tools.

The lake was built with old-fashioned bricks and paved with 5,000 ancient terracotta dishes from the Nguyen dynasty in the 19th century.-VNA