The animal husbandry sector in Vietnam has produced quality products that can compete with foreign brands, at home and in export markets. It is expected that the sector will access bigger markets with an effective development mechanism.


Linkage between breeders, animal feed firms, slaughterhouses and processors is a typical model of the animal husbandry sector.

However, this production chain has not been expanded since few chicken farms can meet the requirements of origin traceability, a key factor to gain market access.

For years, fragmented production which does not follow modern production chains and standards has caused headaches for the animal husbandry sector. Another issue is the dependence on traders, which causes fluctuating prices for production and negative impacts on breeders.

Experts said the most important thing is to drastically restructure the husbandry sector, reducing household-scale models, increasing farm and business model, while following modern and industrial production chains.

2018 is considered a successful year of the livestock production sector, with the improvement of pork and chicken meat, in both quality and quantity. However, without suitable planning, oversupply may occur, making an impact on breeders as well as the sustainability of such an important sector for the country./.