Animation project depicts traditional culture hinh anh 1'U Linh Tich Ky: Bot Than Ky' (Linh: Magic Powder) introduces a little corner of Linh World. (Photo courtesy of Sun Wolf Animation Studio)
HCM City (VNS/VNA) - A short film depicting Vietnamese traditional culture, U Linh Tich Ky: Bot Than Ky (Linh: Magic Powder), has attracted viewers on YouTube.

The seven-and-a-half minute work is a proof-of-concept film from Hanh Trinh Nhan Qua (Karma Journey), an animation project about the Linh World produced by Sun Wolf Animation Studio.

The Linh World exists below the human world and is supported by a giant tree, called the karma tree.

It is the home of creatures inspired from Vietnamese folk tales and real life including a kylin named Leng Keng.

Kylin is a mythical creature with a lion’s head, a long tail and a dog-like body, that appears at temples, pagodas and mausoleums symbolising longevity, luck and good government.

Linh: Magic Powder reveals a little corner in Pig District in Karma City, the capital of Linh World, and its life and citizens.

In the video, Leng Keng chases Bloody Frog through the street of Pig District until finally bursting into the restaurant of Uncle Pig Chef.

The film features Vietnamese traditional architecture and cuisine.
The film was screened at Family Picture Show at the 48th Seattle International Film Festival in April, and competed in the International Competition at the 29th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film in May.

The production has attracted around 140,600 views since its official premiere on YouTube on June 15.

The studio began the project Karma Journey in 2018, telling about an adventure of Leng Keng and his friends to save the Linh World from falling apart.

The film is inspired from Vietnamese traditional culture, architecture, music and even cuisine.

Its background describes beautiful landscapes and famous destinations in the country such as Son Doong Cave, HCM City, Hoi An Ancient Town and floating markets in the Mekong Delta.

The studio is working with Vietnamese and international score composers to create a score for the animation highlighting Vietnamese music.

The project is still in production.

Along with Karma Journey, the studio is working on another project, Tan Vien Phong Chau, about the Vietnamese legend of Son Tinh (the God of the Mountain) and Thuy Tinh (the God of the Sea).

According to the legend, Son Tinh governed all creatures on land. He taught people to grow crops, hunt animals, catch fish, practise martial arts, and hold festivals.

Meanwhile, Thuy Tinh was responsible for the rising water levels that damaged crops, destroyed animals and drowned people.

Son Tinh beat Thuy Tinh in a competition to win the heart of Princess My Nuong, who was the daughter of King Hung XVIII.

The project is expected to have 10 episodes, with each episode lasting seven minutes. It is expected to release in 2025./.