The 9th regular Anti-corruption Dialogue with foreign donors was held in Hanoi on May 25, focusing on mining and management of minerals.

The dialogue was held prior to the mid-year Meeting of Consultative Group for Vietnam , to be held in the central province of Ha Tinh from June 8-10.

Representatives from ministries, sectors, organisations, localities, foreign embassies, international organisations and non-governmental organisations discussed the risks and realities of corruption and recommended measures to fight corruption in the management of natural resources and the mining sector.

Participants praised works on combating corruption, particularly in land management and use achieved since the 8 th dialogue. They agreed that corruption in land management was a problem, leaving negative effects on people’s lives and the nation’s socio-economic development.

They suggested that the role of supervision by the community and local people should be encouraged, to fight corruption in land management and mining and a master plan for the mining sector must also ensure hygiene and safety for workers.

Addressing the dialogue, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Duc Tho said it was necessary to accelerate dissemination on the fight against corruption and examine legal documents and policies relating to mining and mineral processing industries for adjustments to avoid corruption-weak spots, and ensure management effectiveness.

He said that managers should complete policies and boost cooperation with relevant agencies to inspect activities of mining and mineral processing and promptly deal with violations.

Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam Staffan Herstrom said Vietnam had a large reserve and potential in unexploited minerals, so fighting corruption in this field was very important, in order to bring a country rich in natural resources towards high growth and poverty reduction.

Government Inspector General Tran Van Truyen praised participants’ opinions, describing them as important contributions to complete State management policies and boost responsibilities of sectors and agencies at all levels in preventing corruption in important fields of the development process in Vietnam .

Truyen took the occasion to announce that the Vietnamese Government had approved the UK Embassy as a sponsor and coordinator of cooperative activities and dialogues on anti-corruption with Vietnam after the 9 th dialogue./.