The 12th anti-corruption dialogue between the Vietnamese Government and international donors and development partners was held in Hanoi on November 12, focusing on the role of businesses and the private sector in the work.

Addressing the event, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said that Vietnam is in the process of global integration and the country is fully aware that the effort to fight corruption is not only its mission, but also a requirement of the donors and an important issue within multilateral economic cooperation frameworks.

He admitted that Vietnam’s laws mainly focus on those who work in civil authority agencies, public service providing units, the armed forces and others in charge of State-owned enterprises’ management, while there is less emphasis on anti-corruption regulations for the private sector.

However, the Government issued a decree stimulating the role and obligation of enterprises, businesses’ associations and industry associations in the fight against the evil.

He proposed the organisations, including the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, maintain their role as proposal makers and organisers to implement initiatives in the business community to fight corruption.

Businesses should actively and promptly inform authorities of the negative phenomena of those working in the State apparatus.

UK Ambassador to Vietnam Antony Stokes highly valued the efforts of the Government Inspectorate of Vietnam and concerned agencies in implementing the anti-corruption commitment.

The economy is affected by corruption, he said, adding that businesses are both victims and involved in giving bribes.

Businesses should be pioneers in the effort to fight corruption, advancing uprightness and transparency, he said.

According to a report on corruption in business operations conducted by the Government Inspectorate, almost all businesses consider corruption as an issue of concern. More than 70 percent of them admitted giving “small” bribes for their smooth operation, while 81 percent assessed “small scale corruption” wastes time, increases costs and causes displeasure.

At the dialogue, international donors and development partners recognised Vietnam’s efforts and achievements in the fight against corruption.

Many participants suggested the Vietnamese Government continues implementing laws and legal documents relating to the work in an effective manner while expanding the law on the corruption fight to cover the private sector.

They agreed upon solutions to improve anti-corruption effectiveness and encourage the involvement of businesses and the private sector in the effort.

Representatives for donors and development partners affirmed their continued commitment to support the Vietnamese Government in the fight.-VNA