Greater public involvement will be crucial to overcome existing weaknesses in the anti-corruption fight, Government General Inspector Huynh Phong Tranh has said.

While agreeing that there are positive results of efforts to prevent and curb corruption, he said they are far from meeting expectations, citing the complicated situation in the fields of land and mineral management, investment, construction, and finance and banking which is causing concern in society.

The chief inspector called on the Vietnam Father Front, mass organizations, mass media and people to play a more active role in supervising public servants to prevent and timely detect corruptive acts.

He also urged relevant agencies to enhance their coordination and information exchange in the fight.

The inspection sector discovered 45 corruption cases involving 99 suspects last year, reclaiming more than 299 billion VND (14.2 million USD). Of these, 26 cases and 39 suspects were transferred to investigation agencies, and several serious cases were subsequently put on trial.

At the same time, the sector paid more attention to preventive measures through enhancing the transparency and effectiveness of inspections as well as administrative reforms.

The measures’ result can be seen in the Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) announced last year by the United Nations Development Programme. The index, which was based on a survey of 14,000 people across the country, showed a remarkable improvement of 2.54 percent in the rating of transparency and a 2.29 percent increase in terms of public service quality.-VNA