APEC 2017: Argentinean media hail Vietnam’s socio-economic achievement hinh anh 1A view of Vietnam's landscape (Source: Acercandonaciones.com)

Buenos Aires (VNA) Argentinean media have run articles about the APEC 2017 Economic Leaders’ Meeting which is taking place in the central city of Da Nang as well as socio-economic development in Vietnam.

The website Acercandonaciones.com ran an article, titled “Vietnam and the new economic order in the Asia-Pacific”, saying that the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting will take place in Da Nang from November 10-11, a place for APEC economic leaders to define the new economic order of the Asia-Pacific.

Since the 2016 APEC meeting in the Peruvian city of Lima, the economic order of Asia-Pacific, as well as other regions, has significantly changed.

Mentioning the US’s withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement, the article said since March, Chile has promoted a meeting together with China, the Republic of Korea and Colombia, without the US, where they agreed to continue making progress in trade integration in Asia-Pacific.

Japan and New Zealand have led the push for a TPP without the US. During meetings in Japan in July and September, ahead of the APEC 2017 Economic Leaders’ Meeting, the stakeholders reached consensus on some technical issues and minimised the discrepancies on a new version of the TPP.

The APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting will also pose challenges for Vietnam’s economy in accelerating opening trade, and seeking to penetrate in the world's major markets to meet high environmental, labour, intellectual and social standards. Vietnam will also play the role of a diplomatic mediator in the talks for the TPP and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).

Vietnam wants better trade penetration in the region, while identifying trade order conditions of Asia-Pacific. With its preparations throughout this year and the upcoming APEC Economic Leader; Meeting, Vietnam wants to show the world that it is up to the challenges.

In another article, AsiaTV, an Argentine broadcaster, covered Vietnam’s remarkable economic achievements in the first nine months of this year amid global challenges.

The country’s GDP rose 5.15 percent in the first quarter, 6.28 percent and 7.46 percent in the second and the third, respectively.
Its economic growth rate is expected to reach 6.7 percent in 2017, while inflation has been curbed and foreign currency reserves hit 44 billion USD, and export value reached 154 billion USD, up 19 percent.