The apricot blossom in an integral tree during the Tet holidays for people in the south of Vietnam. As Tet ushers in, apricot tree growers in Ho Chi Minh City have been rapidly preparing to provide the market with the most beautiful flowers.

Despite bad weather in the recent times, the apricot trees of Le Chi Hung in HCM City’s District 12 have managed to grow steadily thanks to the care of their growers. If the weather becomes more stable, they may even yield a profit of 30-40 percent higher than last year.

Apricot blossoms are vulnerable to weather changes. During the last heavy rains in late 2018, many local apricot gardens were submerged.

In preparation for the Lunar New Year celebration, local growers have been paying heed to caring for their trees.

This year, some 700,000 apricot trees will be consumed at the local market. Bad weather in recent times has caused the supply to shrink by up to 40 percent. Hence, the price may climb up by 10-20 percent compared to last year.

Besides apricot trees for sale, local growers also have the trees on offer to rent. It is a rising trend, expected to be a potential way of doing business for local growers. –VNA